PlayStation Which custom firmware is the best choice?

PlayStation Which custom firmware is the best choice?

The jailbreak PS3s we offer feature CFW (custom software) that allows you to play your games from an internal or external hard drive. We are high quality and do not like half work so every PS3 has all the necessary programs on board and is fully plugged in a play.

Do not know which custom firmware you have to choose whether you are new to this area? Choose a basic stable CFW as CEX Ferrox 4.81, thus you can later easily update a Rebug, Habib or custom firmware when it’s all more familiar. Any firmware you choose is tested and stable.

   CEX (default – retail)

  • Ferrox 4.81 Standard           multiman + CCAPI support 
  • Ferrox 4.81 Cobra  7:50   multiman + CCAPI support                           
  • Rebug 4.81.2 Cobra 7:50       multiman + CCAPI support


   DEX (debug – developers)

  • PS3ITA 4.65 v1.02                multiman + CCAPI support                       
  • Rebug 4.78.2 Cobra 7:30   multiman + CCAPI support                           
  • Rebug 4.81.2 Cobra 7:50   multiman + CCAPI support                           

Playing mod menus is now available on both CEX to DEX.

DEX is chosen more often because there are more DEX mod-based menus.

GTA 5’s modmenu

HDD storage
Virtually all recent PS3 games should just like an original PS3 partial internal HDD installed the PS3, this automatically when you start a game and takes approximately 2-8 GB space. It also does not matter if the game itself to an external / internal HDD or in an original BluRay disc.

Do you have a large collection of games (100+) parked on an external HDD, you’ll soon 320 – need 500Gb internal storage. As indication; a 120Gb HDD you install about 20-30 games in combination with an external HDD.

Do not have external HDD and want to play all your games from the PS3 HDD choose a 500Gb or 1Tb of storage.

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