PS4 Patch Installer 2021

Like all other types of application software, video games also see updates to fix bugs and perhaps add content. As a result, getting updates for games on your PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly desirable and so 0x199 released PS4 Patch Installer earlier this month which aims to make game upgrading/downgrading as painless as possible!

What is PS4 Patch Installer?

PS4 Patch Installer takes care of all your game upgrading/downgrading needs directly on your hacked PS4 (Image from release thread)

PS4 Patch Installer is a homebrew utility for hacked PlayStation 4 consoles that gives you power over the patches/updates installed over your console’s games. First and foremost, this is done by allowing you to download patch/update files on your PlayStation 4 without being signed into PSN as it gets update packages from which in turn links to official Sony sources. Other than letting you download updates without being signed into PSN, PS4 Patch Installer comes with some other goodies of its own including:

  • The ability to download whichever update version you desire rather than just the latest update
  • Support for downgrading games
    • This may be useful if you wish to install a mod that only functions with a specific version of the game
  • An option to delete the current patch/update installed over a game
    • This reverts the game back to its base version without any updates applied to it

Before getting too excited, it is important to state that PS4 Patch Installer does not enable piracy as it simply downloads updates for legitimately installed games rather than downloading games for free. Furthermore, it’s important to state that the homebrew utility does not work for games installed through the fPKG route.


You may grab PS4 Patch Installer by following the link the below and then installing the PKG file through the Debug Menu. A YouTube video, done by the homebrew’s creator, is also provided below showing the homebrew utility in action.

PS4 Patch Installer release thread (more information + donation link):

PS4 Patch Installer download link:

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